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Commissioner Silvia with Romanian woman

June 2016

Our recent visit to Eastern Europe Territory was another fascinating trip as we were privileged to visit the four countries that form the territory: Romania, Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia. Everywhere we went were warmly welcomed – often with bread, salt and a drink as is their custom.

In Georgia, we felt at home as the scenery reminded us of Switzerland, with lakes, mountains and rivers. Of the four countries, Romania is the youngest expression of the Army in the territory with the work commencing in 1999 – five years after Ukraine. It took some time to develop, but the work is growing. An atmosphere of excitement about what God is doing could be felt.

I met one woman, Milaela, from Iași Corps. She told me that during a Home League meeting the participants had the opportunity to write their own psalm. Mihaela said that if she had been asked to do this four years ago it would have been a ‘scream psalm’, as it would have been full of hatred, bitterness, anger and revenge. Four years ago she was a refugee in Syria, but then she came to Romania with her husband and three children. In Romania, she met the Lord and her life changed completely. Now she says her psalm is full of love, mercy, compassion and caring for others, especially for those who suffer. She is now a soldier at Iași and is the Home League Secretary.

During the meeting in Romania we heard her testimony of how at the beginning of 2016 she was involved in a terrible accident and as a result of her injuries, the doctors were convinced that she would not be able to walk again. Here she was standing and testifying to the power of prayer from her friends in the corps and the healing from God. She is now even more thankful to God and ready to share with everybody about God's love and about his power in her life.

To God be all the glory.  

Commissioner Silvia Cox

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