From the Desk of the WPWM


April 2016

I was very excited to be able to visit the Hong Kong and Macau Command recently. I had never been to this part of the world and so was not quite sure what to expect. The country and the people did not disappoint me. I loved my time there, enjoying their friendliness and tasty, delicious food. Hong Kong is a vibrant city, fast moving, high rise buildings everywhere with hardworking people. We were celebrating the 100 years since The Salvation Army started the work in mainland China.

 A delegation from China were able to join us for the Congress. Meeting them, children and grandchildren of the Chinese officers, was one of the most moving experiences of my life. They shared their stories and no eyes could stay dry! They are old now, married, most of them retired, but they remember when they were children or teenagers what happened to their parents and how life changed! Most of the men officers were sent to work on the farms and mothers were left alone to care for their children. Amidst this harsh reality, we could still see and feel the faithfulness of God! One of the granddaughters wants to become an Officer.

Amongst the delegation was one young adult, who was converted outside China, when she went studying abroad. She became a Salvation Army soldier in Sydney. She explained to us how she knew nothing about God but was invited by her room-mate to go to church with her, and so was introduced to the Army and to God. When she returned to China, she met and joined the group of  Officers children there and now helps in the TSA office. Her mother, her husband also gave their lives to Christ, and all this because one roommate invited her friend to come with her on Sunday to the meeting.

It confirms to me once again the importance of the one to one testimony, the power of the personal witness to friends and family. May God help us to be faithful witnesses too!

Commissioner Silvia Cox

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