Adjutant and Mrs Francis Dare began the work in Tabora, Tanzania (formerly known as Tanganyika), in November 1933, as part of the East Africa Territory. In 1950, at the request for assistance from the Colonial Governor, the Army set up Mgulani Camp, where the Tanzania Headquarters is now located. Tanzania became a separate command on 1 October 1998 and a territory on 1 February 2008.


The territory made significant advancements in its governance status in 2019. The new society registration assists The Salvation Army in protecting land rights for corps and DHQs, while the tax exemption status saves significant funds which can be applied to programmes.

Tanzania Territory continues to focus on the eight strategic priorities identified in 2018, with significant movement in all areas: leadership development of officers, auxiliary-captain training, candidates’ cultivation, pastoral care of officers, corps health and growth, community development, resource development and accountability. IHQ approved the auxiliary-captain curriculum in February 2020, and the candidate’s assessment conference in June 2020 saw the endorsement of 36 auxiliary-captain candidates and 10 candidates for the officer training college session for 2021-2022. The territory is promoting a new School for Leadership Development to begin in January 2021 – funded through mission support – and will oversee officers’ general studies and higher learning, auxiliary-captain training, candidates’ development, and local officer/soldier training.

Financial support from the Caribbean Territory enabled the Women’s Ministries Department to create a successful chicken-raising project for income generation and as a training centre for cadets to learn poultry raising and business management.

USA Central Territory sponsored a vehicle project to provide eight cars for divisions and districts, and one for THQ. This initiative assists with the pastoral care of officers strategy by enabling divisional and district leaders to reach outer areas of the territory and provide moral and spiritual support for officers who are extremely isolated.

The training college hosted a three-day holiness seminar led by territorial leadership, with topics such as: holiness defined – sanctification and consecration; holiness and confidence in leadership; holiness and cultural barriers; holiness and spiritual gifts; and holiness and the fruit of the spirit. At the commitment service, cadets and staff knelt in response to the Holy Spirit to seek the blessing of holiness.

Our COVID-19 emergency response team mobilised in Dar es Salaam – a city of 5.4 million people – to bring awareness and share protection supplies with the community to avoid the dangers of the pandemic. The team empowered more than 50 other volunteers to assist in visiting places of business, public gathering, police stations and government buildings.

God has developed a stronger Salvation Army in Tanzania which is meeting the social and spiritual needs of the nation in a more effective and efficient manner; and for this we praise his name!

Territorial Leaders

Colonel Seth Appeateng - Territorial Commander (1 September 2020)

Colonel Janet Appeateng - Territorial President for Women's Ministries

Lieut-Colonel Daniel Kiama - Chief Secretary (1 October 2018)

Lieut-Colonel Anne Kiama - Territorial Secretary for Women's Ministries


Territorial Headquarters

Kilwa Road

Dar es Salaam



Postal Address

PO Box 1273

Dar es Salaam




Officers - 267 (active - 260 retired - 7)

Cadets - 14            Employees - 122

Corps - 84               Outposts - 52

Senior Soldiers - 9,976  Adherents - 3,461  Junior Soldiers - 5,667

tel: +(255) 222 850 468

fax: +(255) 222 850 542


Languages in which the gospel is preached: Kiswahili, English and various tribal languages