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The Salvation Army in Spain commenced in May 1971 when Captain and Mrs Enrique Rey were appointed to La Coruña. By December 1971 The Salvation Army had been granted the status of a Legal Person and permitted to carry on its work without let or hindrance.

In July 1971 work in Portugal commenced in Porto. On 28 January 1972, Major and Mrs Carl S. Eiasen arrived in Lisbon and 4 July 1974 The Salvation Army was recognised by the Ministry of Justice as a religious and philanthropic organisation. All social activities were incorporated in Centro Social de Exército de Salvação in March 1981. On 10 September 2009 The Salvation Army became an Established Collective Religious Person (church) by decree from the Minister of Justice.

Salvation Army work in Spain and Portugal became a united command on 1 February 2013.

Territorial Leadership

Lieut-Colonel Rafael Giusti - Territorial Commander

Lieut-Colonel Karina Giusti - Territorial President of Women's Ministries

Major Sandra Bastos Carreño - Chief Secretary

Territorial Headquarters

Rua Dr Silva Teles 16
r/c e 1o andar
1050-080 Lisboa

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Tel: [351] 217 802 930

Email: sap.leadership@sap.salvationarmy.org 

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