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Have your say – July-September 2018 

This issue highlights the global problems of human trafficking and domestic violence and the misery that this crime is causing to men, women and children.

In England and Wales during 2017, 2,589 people from 93 different countries were assisted by the United Kingdom Territory’s Anti-Trafficking and Modern Slavery Unit. The territory has also been raising awareness and encouraging people to ‘spot the signs’ of trafficking within their communities. In an interview, Lieut-Colonel Diane Payne explains more and shares the stories of two people who, having faced harrowing experiences of being abused and trafficked, are now rebuilding their lives.

‘Human trafficking is a monstrous giant that has crept in and weakened the spiritual, moral, cultural and political fibre of society’ writes Lieut-Colonel Elsa Oalang as she explains the ways in which The Salvation Army in The Philippines Territory is helping victims of trafficking to move from their dark experiences to a place of safety through its CAR (Community Awareness and Recovery Project).

Captain Lisa Barnes from USA, Western Territory shares her story of growing up as the daughter of a prostitute mother and how the visit of a Salvationist bringing a box of food to their home became her introduction to The Salvation Army. She shares how she came to faith and became an officer and depicts her experienceds through her artwork which is featured on the cover page. Have your say here...