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In the January-March 2018 issue of Revive, we read how Salvation Army officer, Sonia Bouzigues who lives in Mexico, a country with the second highest number of trafficked people in the world, was motivated by the words of William Booth ‘The Salvation Army never sees an evil without asking – what can I do to change it?’. Revive reveals what happened next and Janeth, a victim of trafficking from childhood, shares her tragic story and how The Salvation Army is helping her to fulfil her dreams today.

What would you do if faced with the challenge of making a difference to victims of human trafficking? Share with us below.

We also hear from Japan, where Salvationist Vivien Banks explains how a night of outreach to some of the neediest people in the city of Nishinari completely changed her life.

What’s it like to move out of your comfort zone to work with people who others have forgotten or rejected? Tell us your story.