Revive is a quarterly magazine for women in ministry and mission.

Its 24 pages are packed full of inspiring and engaging content – including Bible studies, personal stories, reflections and interviews – from contributors all around the world.

Revive April-June 2019 – OUT NOW!

Mirror, mirror on the wall….

There is no doubt, the pressure is on to look in a mirror and find fault. It’s easy to criticise how we look and find things about ourselves that we would like to change. Even the most self-assured women can find fault in their appearance.

Looking in a mirror can be disappointing; sometimes it’s hard to see the Creator and acknowledge that we wear a designer label embossed with God’s own fingerprints.

But in Psalm 139:13-16 God reminds us how valuable we are to him. Our Creator has handcrafted each one of us, we are fearfully and wonderfully made and we bear his image. God wants you to remember just how wonderful, special and beautiful you are!

As you engage with issue of Revive, my prayer for you is that you will be encouraged and inspired, and will continue to make an eternal and positive impact in this world!

Commissioner Janine Donaldson

In this issue…

  • Lieutenant Erin Metcalf (Canada and Bermuda) honestly shares how ministry is not unfolding in the way she had hoped
  • For Lieut-Colonel Vanlalnungi (India Eastern), a last minute request for a soldiers’ rally seemed impossible. It was not part of the plan, or the budget, but Lieut-Colonel Vanlalnungi shares how when we trust God, the things we consider as a challenge or impossible become possible
  • Rhythms for the race: in her Bible study, Lieut-Colonel Wanda Vincent (Kenya West) discusses nurturing joy and wholeness on the journey of life
  • Through her testimony, Major Stella Anozie (Nigeria) shares that looking in a mirror can be an illusion; it does not show what the mind is thinking or how the heart is feeling


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