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Have your say – April-June 2018 

‘God calls us to see the radical reality of humankind, man and woman as equal image bearers of God where the gifts, talents, hopes, dreams and perceptions of both sexes are given equal weight in the Body of Christ’ writes Rosy Keane in the April-June 2018 issue as she considers God’s call to ‘redress the balance’.

How do you see gender equality in your community, workplace, country or even within The Salvation Army in your neighbourhood? Tell us below!

‘I have allowed who I am to be determined by the situations of my life, the comments and opinions of others and my own world view’ writes Major Shirley King in her introduction to the Bible study in which she reflects on ‘Accepting myself as a child of God’. She takes readers on a journey of discovery and concludes ‘Your journey of faith should not be a life of history… but a life of the present’.

Lieutenant Jemimah Ayanga believes that women in Kenya have the ability to make changes that will benefit future generations. She considers the age-old activity of women gathering wood to fuel wood burning stoves and the impact this has on the environment.

Do you empathise with Shirley or Jemimah? Tell us more in the comments box below.

What must it be like to return to work at the children’s home where you were brought up? From her experience, Captain Komang Wibowo understands the children’s needs and admits that it’s not easy to nurture, educate and raise 40 girls each with different characters and backgrounds. She writes with a keen awareness of the joys and challenges of ministry at Denpasar Girls’ Home, Indonesia.

What are the joys and challenges of your own ministry? Share with us here...