Pictures can tell stories in ways that words cannot. A smile radiating joy, or the power of a tear. On this page you can see images from Salvation Army project work around the world. 

The pictures are taken by our team and friends who have sent their photos in. You can find more on the Flickr account IHQ Projects (

We would love to recive your pictures, the best of which we will put on this site. If you have pictures that show the work of The Salvation Army in your communities please email with the following:

  • Permission from any people in the photograph to show it. If it is of children please show that you have permission from the parent or legal guardian.
  • A copy of the photograph in jpeg format no more than 5 Mb.
  • Information of where the picture was taken, who took it and when. Please also include a short description of the picture and what is going on (150 words maximum).

(NB Please go to Flickr for the descriptions of the photos shown below)