All the World is the magazine of the international work and mission of The Salvation Army. It is produced at International Headquarters in London, England, and published four times a year.

There are stories of some of the project and development work found in a lot of the articles, written by members of the team. Below are some selected editions of the publication with the page opened at a relevant article. But please do feel free to click through and read more. It is a great read! 

‘Equality, Dignity, Justice’

A special issues of All the World, following the work of the International Development Services.

‘Building resilience’

Damarais Frick and Elise Belcher write about the ways in which The Salvation Army and partner agencies are helping to rebuild communities affected by disaster. 

‘A matter of priorities’

Ben Gilbert reports from Nepal following the 2015 earthquakes. 

‘Making an impact’

Ruth Samuels witnesses the positive effect of a Salvation Army clinic which serves communities near the Paraguayan capital, Asuncion. 

‘Change, from the ground up’

This article by Ruth Samuels; Community Development Coordinator for Americas and Caribbean Zones who went to visit the new clinic in Haiti following the devastating earthquake. 

"Transformation - A winding road" 

Ben Gilbert looks at the complexity in 'stories of transformation' as a whole and how there is more than just a "straight road with clearly marked start and end points". 

‘Cause no harm’

This article looks more at the effects of climate change from Major Heather Poxon's point of view. 


‘Working together in China's 'special' region’

Here you can see more of the work that is happening in Hong Kong.