Faroe Islands:

Commissioners Hanna Ouchterlony and George Scott Railton with Staff-Captain and Mrs Albert Orsborn ‘opened fire’ in Oslo (Kristiania) on 22 January 1888. Work began in Iceland on 12 May 1895, pioneered by Adjutant Christian Eriksen, Captain Thorstein Davidsson and Lieutenant Lange, and spread to The F�roes in 1924.

Territorial Headquarters: Kommand�r T I �grims plass 4, 0165 Oslo, Norway

Postal address:

    Box 6866
    St Olavs Plass

Tel address: Frelses Oslo
tel: [47] 22 99 85 00
fax: [47] 22 20 84 49

Countries included in the territory: Iceland, Norway, The Faeroes

Languages in which the gospel is preached: Faeroese, Icelandic, Norwegian