Salvation Army operations began in Nigeria in 1920 when Lieut-Colonel and Mrs George H. Souter landed in Lagos, to be followed later by Staff-Captain and Mrs Charles Smith, with ten West Indian Officers. Following an invitation for the Army to establish a presence in Mali, with registration being given on 29 November 2007, a response was undertaken under local leadership. In February 2008 officers were appointed and Mali became a separate region on 1 April 2011.

In June 2019, the Editorial Department organised a writer's workshop - '21st-Century Media Issues' - at which 37 delegates attended sessions on English, feature writing, communication essentials, modern media issues and writing for the Salvation Army publications. Hosted by the territorial leaders Colonels Victor and Rose-Marie Leslie, the delegates included three cadets and aspiring writers from each of the divisions, districts, and sections.

In July, the Women's Ministries department conducted rallies and seminars in three different regions with the theme 'On our Way to Heaven'. With topics ranging from the roles of a leader, characteristics of a good leader and Jesus our leader to using the skills and abilities of others. Many women went to the mercy seat to rededicate their lives in service to God. Silver star mothers were recognised during the rally, and they were encouraged and prayed for by Colonel Rose-Marie Leslie (TPWM).

In August, 27 cadets of the Messengers of Compassion Session were commissioned. In his address TC Colonel Victor Leslie charged the new lieutenants to let the beauty of Jesus be seen in them and to set a good example to others. The 22 cadets of the Messengers of Grace Session were officially welcomed in November and prayerfully handed over to the training principal.

Members of the territorial band and songsters attended a pre-centenary territorial music workshop led by Harold Burgmayer (USA Central Territory) and Jude St-Aimé (USA Western) who helped the musicians to appreciate the Army and its music. The workshop ended with a small but impressive concert attended by Salvationists and friends of the Army. The event has a significant impact among the territory's musicians.

The territory assisted the palliative measures during the coronavirus lockdown, helping those most in need by distributing food, mats, blankets, hand sanitiser, salt and soap. Thermometers were donated to hospitals and the TC spoke with the Nigeria Television Authority and encouraged people to stay calm and follow sanitation guidelines.

Salvationists provided aid to the victims of the gas and chemical explosion at Abule-Ado that displaced more than a quarter of a million people.

We thank God for IHQ and donor territories that made it possible for us to reach out to those in need.


Territorial Leaders

Colonel Victor Leslie - Territorial Commander (1 January 2015)

Colonel Rose-Marie Leslie - Territorial President for Women's Ministries

Lieut-Colonel Isaac Danso - Chief Secretary (1 May 2018)

Lieut-Colonel Eva Danso - Territorial Secretary for Women's Ministries


Territorial Headquarters

6 Shipeolu Street,




Postal Address

Box 3025,






Officers - 486 (active - 382  retired - 104)

Envoys - 218                 Cadets - 49                 Employees - 361

Corps - 192                   Outposts and Societies - 173

Senior Soldiers - 21,685    Adherents - 1,270   Junior Soldiers - 8,259




Country included in the territory: Nigeria

Languages in which the gospel is preached: Edo, Efik/Ibibio, English, Hausa, Ibo, Ijaw, Calabari, Tiv, Urhobo, Yoruba