25 April 2013

COMMISSIONER William Cochrane (International Secretary to the Chief of the Staff) welcomed the Chief of the Staff (Commissioner André Cox) and Commissioner Silvia Cox (World President of Women’s Ministries) to the opening of the Called and Commissioned Conference on the training of cadets. The event is taking place just outside London, United Kingdom, and is attended by 125 delegates representing Salvation Army training work in 61 territories and commands.

The conference is the fifth such international gathering, the last being held in 2001. Delegates will examine, evaluate, discuss and – under the guidance of the Holy Spirit – seek to address issues that are of relevance to the training of officer-cadets in today’s world.

In his keynote address the Chief of the Staff said: 'While we are a large global organisation it is important that we work closely together. This conference is an ideal place for the sharing of ideas so we can determine some of the non-negotiables and essential elements that must be included in the training of future Salvation Army leaders.'

Major Mark Watts, Under Secretary for International Personnel at International Headquarters, adds: 'We value the prayers of Salvationists from around the world for this important gathering.'