22 September 2017

THE Chief of the Staff (Commissioner Brian Peddle) and Commissioner Rosalie Peddle (World Secretary for Women's Ministries) shared times of worship and witness when they led the 125th corps anniversary celebration weekend at Birmingham Citadel, in the United Kingdom Territory with the Republic of Ireland.

With mission at the heart of everything the corps (church) does, the first event of the weekend was an outdoor concert in the grounds of Birmingham Cathedral in the heart of the city. This gave members of the corps and the commissioners plenty of opportunity to speak to those who were attracted by the music. The Chief spoke to people from Belgium, Switzerland and Sweden as well as many locals.

In the evening a large audience gathered from across the UK, including many former soldiers and friends of the corps, for a spectacular concert. The event featured contributions from the young people's band, singing company, songsters, timbrels, senior band and the African praise choir. There was music with a nod to the past, and several new pieces written specifically for the occasion. Drama items by Sarah Grace and video clips featuring corps members provided laughter and challenge.

The highlight for many was 10 young people's band learners playing a 'combined solo' accompanied by the senior band. The finale featured all the performers and included pyrotechnics to finish the evening with a bang.

On Sunday morning there was a full hall for worship. The Chief of the Staff spoke about being obedient to God’s calling and receiving God’s abundant blessings. Many people moved forward to kneel at the mercy seat in acts of public dedication to God.

The corps moved out into the city centre again in the afternoon to its usual spot in The Bullring (a popular shopping area). Hundreds of people stopped and listened to the music, with many speaking with members of the corps. The visiting commissioners 'rolled up their sleeves' to speak to lots of people.

A giant photo frame had been made to capture pictures of people through the weekend, and it was put to good use in the open air with members of the public having their photos taken and being pointed to the corps social media sites.

As happens every week, a march back to the hall was followed by another meeting, which again featured all the music sections.

Through her Bible message, Commissioner Rosalie Peddle stirred the hearts of worshippers. Many people sought God at the mercy seat after the commissioner spoke about declaring God’s glory and exuding his glorious joy.

Report by Rob O’Connor


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