21 September 2012

UN Day of the Girl

THE Salvation Army's International Social Justice Commission (ISJC) is seeking young women and girls to take part in an exciting opportunity to show the world what they are doing. Salvation Army girls and girl groups are encouraged to record a video that could be featured in celebrations of the first-ever United Nations (UN) International Day of the Girl on Thursday 11 October. An online 'virtual summit' (www.dayofthegirlsummit.com) will include the streaming of pre-recorded videos including, it is hoped, some from Salvation Army groups or individuals.

Major Victoria Edmonds, Representative to the UN at The Salvation Army's International Social Justice Commission, says that videos lasting between 30 seconds and five minutes should be posted on YouTube, with a link sent to her at the ISJC by 5 October. The videos can show any representation of girls celebrating girls, from 'shout-outs' and words of encouragement for girls everywhere to something more organised such as a song, music item or timbrel drill.

According to its website (www.dayofthegirl.org) the International Day of the Girl, which will be launched from the ISJC, is 'a movement to speak out against gender bias and advocate for girls’ rights everywhere'. It aims to 'Shatter stereotypes, end injustices, demand equality and change the world!'

The Salvation Army is part of the Working Group on Girls at the UN. The purpose and aims of the group, along with the origins of the International Day of the Girl, can be seen on the website: www.girlsrights.org

Major Edmonds can't wait to see what Salvationist girls produce. 'Be a part of the International Day of the Girl,' she says. 'You can make a difference. Speak out and do something!'

Report prepared by the Communications Section
International Headquarters