20 March 2017

THE Salvation Army in Mozambique is responding to the first cyclone to make landfall in the country in a decade. Tropical Cyclone Dineo struck the coastal province of Inhambane in mid-February before moving along the coast to the capital, Maputo. Gusts in excess of 180 kilometres per hour left eight people dead and caused destruction to homes and infrastructure.

Experienced emergency responders Lieut-Colonel Comfort Adepoju (Nigeria Territory) and Captain Heather Rossouw (Southern Africa) are overseeing The Salvation Army's response for International Emergency Services, working closely with government representatives, the local Salvation Army – particularly territorial projects officer Major Dyson Chifudzeni – and non-governmental organisations.

The immediate priority is to provide food to vulnerable people, especially those who are homeless. Food distribution projects have been set up in four locations – Maxixe and central, south and rural Inhambane – with essentials including flour, rice, cooking oil and beans being provided to a total of 465 families. In addition to these food parcels, baby meals are being provided to families with very young children.

Donations to The Salvation Army's Africa Disaster Fund can be made securely online.

Report by IHQ Communications
International Headquarters

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