20 March 2017

THE Chief of the Staff (Commissioner Brian Peddle) and Commissioner Rosalie Peddle (World Secretary for Women's Ministries) were guest speakers at the Exploring Leadership Day, held at William Booth College in the United Kingdom Territory with the Republic of Ireland. The programme included worship, a joint seminar based on the day's theme ('Be Inspired'), individual seminars, tours of the college and lunch.

The purpose of the Exploring Leadership Day was as the title suggests: helping people to explore leadership in its various forms. The day provided insight into different types of leadership, the space to reflect on what God is saying and time to respond. 

Morning worship was given an international perspective through a time of prayer led by cadets from the Eastern Europe Territory, accompanied by Major Steve Dutfield (Regional Leader, Georgia Region and Principal of the Institute for Officer Training).

Cadets Lottie Milner and Terry Hendy spoke of how they have been inspired by people and events in their lives and how the Lord has spoken to them through others.

The Chief of the Staff challenged everyone present to hold nothing back in their relationships with the Lord and to respond to whatever God was asking of them as individuals. The thoughtful, prayerful and natural response to this message spoke of lives being given over to God in new ways. 

After lunch the Chief and Commissioner Rosalie Peddle presented a seminar, 'View from IHQ', that gave an insight into some of the exciting and challenging things happening around the Salvation Army world. Delegates also had opportunity to attend seminars on subjects such as 'Social Justice', 'Planning and Leading Creative Worship', 'Leading as Local Officers' and 'The Power of Inspiring Conversations'. With tours of the college and opportunity to hear about the life of a cadet, there was something to encourage and inspire everyone .

In the final worship session, Commissioner Rosalie Peddle was interviewed by Major Janet Robson (Territorial Candidates Director). She shared about people who have influenced her, her passion for ministry and The Whole World Mobilising initiative. The meeting also included testimonies from children about their experiences in the Children's Venue, a programme for children aged five and up that took place while adults were at the seminars.

As the day concluded with vibrant worship, there was a knowledge that God had spoken and people had heard.

Report by Major Liz Chape

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