17 June 2014

THE 'Mind the Gap' appeal – through which Salvationists and friends from around the globe can raise funds to send people from the developing world to The Salvation Army's 150th anniversary international congress in London next year – has been expanded to receive online donations. General André Cox set a challenge to raise funds to help bring approximately 1,500 Salvationists from developing countries to the UK for Boundless 2015, and donations have been coming in since the appeal was launched in July 2013. Corps, centres, divisions, territories and individuals can raise or donate funds to ensure all 126 Salvation Army countries are represented at the congress.

'It will be truly wonderful to see the embodiment of the boundless love of God as peoples from all nations are able to assemble here in London,' the General says. 'So thank you for all that you will do to ensure as many delegates as possible from all over the world are able to attend. May God bless you.'

It will cost on average £2,000 (US$3,400) to bring a delegate to Boundless 2015. Where necessary this covers:

  • Return flight to London, UK
  • Visa
  • Passport
  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Five-day congress ticket and Travelcard for transport
  • A 'Boundless Buddy' to support them during the congress (many sponsored delegates will never have travelled outside their home country).

The message to the international Salvation Army from Louise Rutterford, Delegate Affairs and Volunteer Coordinator at the International Congress Office, is clear: 'We need your help to make this sponsorship programme happen. Don't worry if you can't raise £2,000. Any donation, no matter the amount, will help!'

Mind the GapDonors who raise more than £250 will be acknowledged on the online Congress Wall of Sponsors.

Mind the Gap donations mean that Bramwel Mutinda Kisilu, a sponsored delegate from Kenya, can travel to London for the International Congress. He says: 'It is my prayer that [through the congress] the Lord will develop my witness so that I will bless others as the Army has done to me.'

Emmanuel Mwale is a sponsored delegate from Malawi. He believes the International Congress will be 'a moment where different Salvationists come together to share experiences and help uplift each other spiritually … It is my single great expectation that God will use me after the congress to continue inspiring more people and winning souls for Christ.'

'I look forward to celebrating God's faithfulness and blessings in the land where The Salvation Army was born,' says Margaret Elgin, a sponsored delegate from the South American country of Guyana, part of the Caribbean Territory. 'I express my sincere thanks for this opportunity.'

Anyone can get involved by donating and fundraising to bring Bramwel, Emmanuel, Margaret and almost 1,500 other sponsored delegates to London to celebrate The Salvation Army's 150th birthday. 

Mind the GapDonate online here through the secure server: sar.my/givemtg

'Donations can also be submitted to your territorial headquarters for internal transfer to International Headquarters and the Mind the Gap account,' says Louise. 'If you need a receipt for tax purposes, just let us know – and don't forget to Gift Aid your donations if you're from the UK.'

She adds: 'Boundless 2015 is fast approaching. We need your help to make this sponsorship programme happen. We've been delighted by how many people have supported Mind the Gap so far. Corps have pledged funds from collections and special events, headquarters have raised money by holding themed parties with homemade cakes, people have put on craft classes with class fees going to Mind the Gap. It's fantastic – but we've still got a long way to go to reach the £100,000 target set by the General. We need people to get involved as soon as possible.' 

If you have any questions please contact Louise at the International Congress Office.


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