16 July 2013

THE Salvation Army continues to provide services for those affected by the wildfires near Yarnell in Arizona, USA. The fire response became headline news around the world after 19 firefighters tragically lost their lives fighting the blaze.

Since the relief effort began, The Salvation Army has served more than 9,000 meals, 20,000 beverages, and 5,000 snacks. Many of the meals were served to the incident personnel planning the memorial service and funerals of the 19 fallen firefighters. On the day of the memorial service, The Salvation Army was privileged to serve breakfast and lunch to more than 900 Honor Guard members.

'Many thanks to The Salvation Army for the meals they provided,' says Mark Hart, Information Officer, Arizona State Incident Management Team. 'It kept us going as we were working 12-hour days. We also want to thank The Salvation Army for making signs to welcome back the fallen firefighters on Sunday. The signs were a focal point at the courthouse, and the community was able to write messages of support.'

The Salvation Army has been providing support and relief to the community of Yarnell in addition to efforts in nearby Prescott. Assistance such as utility support, food boxes, gift cards for groceries, clean-up kits, and emotional and spiritual support, has been provided to more than 120 individuals and families. The Salvation Army actively seeks out those needs that are often overlooked. As a result, a five-year-old girl received a bicycle to replace one she lost in the fire. 

'The Salvation Army is grateful to our donors and volunteers,' says Lieutenant Elaine Mansoor, the officer (minister) at Prescott Corps (Salvation Army church). 'Businesses and individuals from the community have embraced us and helped us in countless ways. The people in Yarnell have a long road to recovery but they have joined together to rebuild. The Salvation Army is here to provide long-term recovery support.'

Photo: US Department of Agriculture