15 April 2016

THE Salvation Army in the Republic of Congo continues to provide shelter and assistance to hundreds of people fleeing fighting between government and rebel forces. Some people have returned home, but Salvation Army compounds in Moungli, Mfilou, Loua and Buenza are still home to 139 families.

Commissioner Onal Castor, commander of The Salvation Army's Congo (Brazzaville) Territory reports that Brazzaville is tense but apparently calm, with a strong and clear presence of soldiers and police. Outside the capital, in the troubled Pool Département, fighting continues and people are leaving their villages to seek refuge.

'We continue to distribute food items and water to the families in our care as well as giving mattresses to sleep on,' says the commissioner. He adds that, while some groups are only looking after their own members, 'we at The Salvation Army receive any person seeking refuge'.

He concludes: 'Please continue to pray for Congo Brazzaville so that peace may be restored.'

Report by IHQ Communications
International Headquarters