13 March 2017

SALVATIONISTS and friends were delighted to greet the Chief of the Staff (Commissioner Brian Peddle) and Commissioner Rosalie Peddle (World Secretary for Women's Ministries) as guest leaders for the first divisional celebration meetings in the reformed Central South Division of the United Kingdom Territory with the Republic of Ireland.

The Saturday evening location was Reading Central Corps (church), where a special feature was the telling of good news by the corps officers of both Slough and Wokingham Corps where there has been particular success in mission to homeless people. The time of sharing followed a period of worship led by ‘Three Days Later’ from Maidenhead. Basingstoke Songsters and Reading Central Band helped set the scene for a stirring address by the Chief of the Staff, who emphasised General André Cox's vision that Salvationists should not to be confined to barracks, but rather they should be mobilised, moving out of their comfort zone and taking the message of the gospel to a needy world.

On Sunday the divisional focus moved to Dunstable, for a holiness meeting. Such was the energetic response to the Self-Denial altar service that a traffic jam of dancing people somewhat stalled progress! During the service Commissioner Rosalie Peddle called the congregation to consecration and charged them to ‘put feet to their faith’ and be spiritually ready to ‘cross the uncrossable’. 

The divisional celebration meeting in the afternoon included music items from Leighton Buzzard Singing Company and African Praise, with Dunstable Band and the Buckingham Mission Team worship group providing helpful support. The congregation was thrilled to hear stories of transformation featured in a good news segment when Captain Will Pearson of Bicester and team member Prezza Duncan of Buckingham were interviewed about the ministry of The Salvation Army in their respective centres.

The Chief of the Staff challenged Salvationists to be the people they are called to be – a transformed and redeemed people shining like stars in a world of darkness. In response to his challenge a number of people moved forward to kneel at the penitent form in consecration.

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