12 October 2016


GENERAL André Cox and Commissioner Silvia Cox (World President of Women’s Ministries) were guest leaders for the Southern Africa Territory's Rejuvenation congress in Johannesburg, South Africa. A variety of meetings and rallies took place, featuring worship, music and both traditional and contemporary dance. Under the main theme of the congress were opportunities to Reclaim, Revive, Restore and Renew.

The General and Commissioner Cox met with officers in council, emphasising the need to 'Rekindle' their passion to win the world for Jesus.

A large crowd gathered for a soldiers rally which included moments to ‘Reclaim’ through drama The Salvation Army's beginnings in Southern Africa – its history and heritage. The evening ended with a strong challenge by the General that Salvationists must reclaim the basics of getting to know – and living according to – God's Word, being more intentional and passionate about sharing the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ.

In a sight that was repeated at many of the congress events, men, women and young people moved forward to pray at the mercy seat in response to the Bible message.

At the children’s ministry event, hundreds of young people enthusiastically welcomed the General and enjoyed taking a selfie with him. He urged them to love Jesus and follow him closely. The family celebration theme ‘Restore’ emphasised the importance of family life. This was portrayed through drama, singing and massed timbrels. Junior soldier Ivony Dzvetera had the crowd on its feet with an enthusiastic testimony to the saving and keeping grace of God in his life and that of his family. More than 100 junior soldiers were enrolled by the General.

Nearly 400 men gathered for a rally while 1,250 women met to hear Commissioner Cox's invitation to 'bring your burdens to Jesus'. A music festival included lively singing, dancing and a colourful display expressing the different cultures of the Southern Africa Territory.

At a youth rally the General delighted the young people with his lively dancing! ‘You are all signs of God’s love and blessings,’ he told them. ‘Each one of you is unique in the eyes of God. No matter your age, this is the first step on a journey, and it will be exciting to see what he does through all of you.'

At a march of witness the General and Commissioner Cox took the salute as the streets were filled with Salvationists from around the territory. More than 1,000 Salvationists joined the march – led by the Norway, Iceland and The Færoes Territorial Band, which took part throughout the congress.

Away from the congress celebrations the international leaders took the opportunity to visit the Carl Sithole Children’s Home in Soweto, where they were given a joyful, enthusiastic reception by the children.

Large crowds gathered for the final meeting of the congress in which they were challenged to ‘Renew’ their relationship and covenant with God. 'We have an incredible God,' the General said, 'who can and wants to do more than you can imagine!' He conducted the enrolment of 100 senior soldiers with a challenge to be God’s servants in a dying world that is filled with sin.

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