12 May 2017

THE importance of the Accountability Movement (sar.my/accountability) for Salvation Army officers was explained by the Chief of the Staff (Commissioner Brian Peddle) when he and Commissioner Rosalie Peddle (World Secretary for Women's Ministries) led officers meetings in Berne, Switzerland. The Chief called the officers to be people who believe in transformation; people of spiritual vitality and integrity who are faithful and dynamic in mission. They must, he said, be people who spread love and joy, convincing others that they need to be saved and let Christ transform their lives.

'Everybody in The Salvation Army has to understand the implications of the focus on accountability,' added the Chief. 'We should want to be accountable for our actions and our attitudes as we participate in God’s mission to transform the world.'

A highlight of the meeting was a blues-style song, 'Going up to Heaven', by Majors Katharina and Peter Hauri, with guitar and string bass. A recording of their performance is available at http://infohub-heilsarmee.s3.amazonaws.com/blues.mp3

Following their day with the officers, the Chief and Commissioner Rosalie Peddle visited the school for officer training at its new location in Biel. Lectures from the commissioners on the international Salvation Army, the Accountability Movement and The Whole World Mobilising initiative were interspersed with questions from the cadets. Visits to corps, social services centres and charity shops confirmed the excellent ministry and mission of the Switzerland, Austria and Hungary Territory as well as its commitment to an integrated mission model.

Report by Florina German

Tags: Prayer