02 December 2014

COMMISSIONER Nancy Roberts (World Secretary for Women's Ministries) was a special guest at the Mexico Territory's spiritual retreat for women officers. More than 100 delegates travelled from across Mexico to Puerto Vallarta, on the Pacific coast, to spend time considering the theme 'You are Loved'.

At the welcome meeting, Territorial President of Women's Ministries Colonel Sonia Bouzigues, told delegates that they were going to share in a time to feed their souls, to have time alone with God and to receive what God had prepared for each person. She encouraged delegates that this was to be their time with God to have their souls nourished.

Commissioner Roberts was not the only overseas visitor. Also present were Commissioner Rosalie Peddle (Zonal Secretary for Women's Ministries, Americas and Caribbean), Commissioner Deise Eliasen (Territorial President of Women's Ministries, South America West) and Colonel Heidi Bailey, (Territorial Secretary for Women's Ministries, USA Southern), all of whom brought blessing through messages, devotions, testimonies, Bible studies and talks.

In her Bible studies – given over two sessions – Commissioner Roberts taught about the experience of various women in the Bible, sharing thoughts on their journeys with God. The studies offered opportunity for participation from the officer-delegates.

Commissioner Peddle spoke about things that seem impossible but which are possible for God, and Colonel Bailey spoke about being 'An Army of Love', encouraging delegates to love without fear.

The retreat also included training workshops, on the themes 'The Female Officer and Her Leadership', 'Balance in Ministry', 'The Officer and Stress' and 'The Female Officer and Self-esteem'. Commissioner Eliasen led one of the workshops, emphasising that the delegates should never forget that they are loved by God – and that God's love never changes.

The retreat concluded with a consecration meeting at which Commissioner Roberts – recalling the way that Jesus had healed a 'crippled' woman who he saw in the middle of a crowd – reaffirming that, even when people feel they are ignored or rejected, God sees them, knows them and loves them. She offered the word of encouragement to her listeners that God 'sees each one of us and our needs'.

Report by Major Ruth Ruiz
Editor, Mexico Territory

Translated by Captain Margarita Martine

Tags: Americas and Caribbean