02 October 2012

THE General has decided that Salvation Army work in Spain and Portugal will undergo a change in its administrative structure with effect from 1 February 2013, with the two countries uniting as the Spain and Portugal Command.

Commissioner Robert Street (International Secretary for Europe, International Headquarters) explains: 'The sharing of resources and personnel will enhance the capabilities available in both countries. The larger command will also give officers opportunities for a greater variety of appointments and the potential for gaining experience in different fields of service.'

The leaders of the Spain and Portugal Command will be Lieut-Colonels Gordon and Susan Daly – officers of the New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga Territory and currently command leaders in Portugal. Lieut-Colonel Gordon Daly will be Officer Commanding and Lieut-Colonel Susan Daly will be Command President of Women's Ministries. Spain Command leaders Lieut-Colonels Luis and Aída Castillo are retiring from active service.

Mozambican officers Major Mario and Captain Celeste Nhacumba will assist with the coordinating of work in Portugal. Major Mario Nhacumba will be Portugal Secretary and Captain Celeste Nhacumba will be Portugal Programme Officer (both responsible directly to the new officer commanding).

'There are some truly enterprising initiatives in both Spain and Portugal – especially during these austere times,' concludes Commissioner Street. 'We are looking forward to hearing more about these at the upcoming Europe Congress in Prague.'

Report by the Communications Section
International Headquarters