01 September 2020

THROUGHOUT September 2020, The Salvation Army will be officially launching Fight for Freedom, the new International Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Response Strategy. The Salvation Army has a strong history of working in areas of social justice and has made strengthening its response to modern slavery and human trafficking a global priority.

The Fight for Freedom launch will happen virtually – across online communication and through the social media channels of the International Social Justice Commission (ISJC), International Headquarters and International Women’s Ministries. Every day during the entire month of September, messages, resources, tools and inspiring videos will be shared in order to help mobilise the global Salvation Army to participate in the Fight for Freedom. Salvationists, employees, volunteers and friends are encouraged to follow these social media channels and to respond to and share the content using the hashtag #SAFightForFreedom.

The mission of the Fight for Freedom Strategy is to create, implement and ensure a strong and sustainable Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking (MSHT) response in every Salvation Army territory, command, region and community, in order to strengthen its response around the eight identified actions areas: Prayer, Prevention, Protection, Partnerships, Participation, Policy, Prosecution and Proof. 

This effort will be coordinated and supported by The Salvation Army’s ISJC, which is based in New York, USA.

Every Salvation Army officer, soldier, adherent, employee, volunteer and friend is needed and has a role to play in responding to modern slavery and human trafficking. This September, each person will receive the tools and information needed to play his or her part in giving prayerful and practical support.

For more information – and to read the Fight for Freedom strategy in full – visit www.salvationarmy.org/isjc/SAfightforfreedom.

Report by the International Social Justice Commission

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