28 October 2014

Caring magazine - front cover‘METAMORPHOSIS’, the latest issue of Caring magazine, focuses on addiction recovery. The Salvation Army’s USA Western Territory publication concentrates each of its quarterly editions on a social issue that The Salvation Army cares about. By bridging the gap between those doing the work and those who want to support it, Caring leads readers to educated decisions and engagement. Each topic is examined from seven pillars of social influence, from arts to religion to technology, featuring influential voices alongside Salvation Army programmes.

Addiction recovery is a pertinent topic in the USA, as the most recent National Survey on Drug Use and Health, sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, found an estimated 22.2 million Americans aged 12 or older were classified with substance dependence or abuse in the past year. That’s nearly nine per cent of the adult population.

This issue of Caring includes a look at the toll addiction takes on an individual's family, and unconventional addictions like the experience of a neuroscientist once addicted to video games. But of particular interest is a feature about The Salvation Army's long-standing work to reach the roots of addiction. In the USA, the Army's first ‘cheap food and shelter establishment’ opened in New York in 1891 to accommodate 36 men. Today, The Salvation Army operates 119 adult rehabilitation centres across the country, addressing addiction through the principles of Christianity and Alcoholics Anonymous.

The magazine includes a ‘Do Good’ section after each article with practical ways that readers can continue to learn and act around the topic at hand. 




Christin Davis
Editor, New Frontier Publications
USA Western Territory


Tags: Americas and Caribbean, News