24 September 2015

HUNDREDS of people visited International Headquarters (IHQ) when it was opened to the public as part of Open House London weekend. Visitors were able to undertake guided tours of many parts of the headquarters and be informed about the history, architecture and present-day functioning of the building. 

The Chief of the Staff, Commissioner William Roberts, was present for the day and welcomed tour groups into his office, taking the opportunity to speak about the building and the Army’s international ministry.

'It was a wonderful day with a great opportunity to engage with hundreds of people, most from London but also many from other parts of the world,'  he said. 'This sort of day aligns very well with our commitment for IHQ to be open and transparent to the mass of people who pass by every week.'

The day was greatly enhanced by the participation of Regent Hall and Maidstone Corps bands which played through the day outside the entrance to the building.  Hundreds of people stopped to listen and enjoy the music. Others stopped to have their children's faces painted or to meet Words of Life writer Major Beverly Ivany, who was signing copies of the latest edition.

Inside, information sessions were held every half hour, led by Commissioner Charles Swansbury (International Secretary for Programme Resources) and involving Bob Keenan from Sheppard Robson, the architectural firm which designed the building. IHQ Communications Secretary Major Brad Halse also participated throughout the day, as did Salvation Army historian Lieut-Colonel Jenty Fairbank, speaking about the history of the site.

Report by IHQ Communications
International Headquarters

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