20 June 2017

COLLABORATION and friendship between The Salvation Army and churches in China were strengthened through a meeting at International Headquarters (IHQ) in London. A party led by Miss Dan Chen (Vice Director of Ethnic and Religious Affairs Bureau of Guangzhou) and the Rev Hao Feng (Chairman of the Committee of the Three-Self Patriotic Movement of the Protestant Churches in Guangzhou) met with the Chief of the Staff (Commissioner Brian Peddle), who was delighted to spend time with friends he had met during his visit to China in May 2017. 

Visitors from China

While at IHQ, the delegates had the opportunity to meet General André Cox and Commissioner Silvia Cox. The photograph shows (from left) Mr Guang-ling Que (Section Chief of the Ethnic and Religious Affairs Bureau of Guangzhou), the Chief of the Staff, Commissioner Rosalie Peddle (World Secretary for Women's Ministries), Commissioner Silvia Cox (World President of Women's Ministries), the General, the Rev Sui-sheng Chen (Administrative Vice President of Guangzhou Christian Council), Miss Dan Chen, the Rev Hao Feng, the Rev Bing-sheng Lin (Vice President of Guangzhou Christian Council) and Mrs Xiao-xing Feng-Deng.

The Salvation Army began work in mainland China in 1916 but its services were suspended in 1951. Ministry in Hong Kong continued and led to the recommencement of emergency relief work on the mainland in 1985 and community development programmes from 1990.

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