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13 December 2019


RETIRED Salvation Army officer Commissioner Keith Banks reads his poetry in a powerful and engaging way for a new audio download from SP&S Tunes. Having most recently served as a chaplain at Glasgow Airport, the author has crafted verse that is accessible and meaningful. Many of the poems feature complementary music arranged or composed by eminent Salvation Army musician Gary Rose.

From heartfelt verse reflecting on loss and personal circumstances, to witty takes on everyday observations, the poet’s voice convincingly conveys aspects of his own faith journey that he hopes will help others encountering similar ups and downs.

Commissioner Keith Banks says: ‘This collection of my poems under the title Contentment has been written over a number of years. Those poems of a devotional nature emerge from my own spiritual quest and God’s presence in my life, whilst others relate to some deeply tender experiences. There are some lighter insights too!

‘If anything I have written brings comfort, encouragement or contentment to anyone who listens, then this production serves its purpose. Gary Rose (IHQ Communications) has used his skills as a musician to greatly enhance what I have done, and I am deeply grateful to him. I am also indebted to Lieut-Colonel Lucille Turfrey (Australia Territory) for the illustrations that gave the original printed version so much appeal.’

Gary Rose shares: ‘The emotion both in Keith’s writing and in his vocalisation was tangible, making it easier to match the mood of each track. It was such a pleasure to work on this project with Commissioner Banks – I received so many blessings putting the music together.

‘I think the poem that touched me most was “Over There”, written in memory of his wife, Pauline. It’s clear that there is rich meaning in the words, and I’ve tried to authentically capture the phrase “over there” in the articulation of the first phrase of music.

‘Also, “Risen Glory”. Keith wanted this to build and build, so hopefully it takes the listener to a place of excitement as they consider – as the poem conveys – “the glory of the Christ to be adored”, before the final, exalting, “Hallelujah!”’

A sample track, inspired by Psalm 23, has been released on Soundcloud – sar.my/bankspsalm23. The audio book, priced at £9.99, is available to download from SP&S Tunes at https://www.spstunes.com/content01.html.

Report by IHQ Communications
International Headquarters


The following editions will also be available soon:

  • Book only
  • Book and CD
  • CD only

Contact IHQ-Editorial@salvationarmy.org for more details. 

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