13 October 2014

WITH days passing quickly before the start of The Salvation Army's International Congress, Boundless – The Whole World Redeeming, the Congress Office at International Headquarters believes now is a good time to gather together in one place the themes and verses that are linked with the congress, along with a reminder of the thinking behind the now-familiar logo. Some of this information has been shared previously but for many people this may be the first time they have seen an explanation of the inspiration behind the various aspects of Boundless 2015.

Most Salvationists will realise that the main theme, Boundless – The Whole World Redeeming, is taken from the song ‘O Boundless Salvation!’, written by The Salvation Army's Founder, William Booth. The song speaks of the Christian experience, where sins that are 'many' can be washed in the 'soul-cleansing sea' of 'boundless salvation'. The congress team prays that the event will provide opportunities to both experience this redemption and to extend it to others.

There is also a Scripture verse that has been chosen for the congress – Ephesians 3:8, which calls for God's people to 'preach to the nations the boundless riches of Christ!' This Scripture is central to the identity of The Salvation Army and its mission to win the world for God.

The graphic element of the congress logo is comprised of interwoven doves, which symbolise the Holy Spirit. The use of yellow, red and blue reflects the colours found on the Army's flag – representing the three parts of the Godhead – but also the diversity of its members. The doves come together to form the shape of a star, which is the centre of the flag and represents the fire of the Holy Spirit. Lastly, the overall shape of a circle represents the world redeemed by Jesus Christ. The circle has no beginning or ending – a reminder of the eternal and boundless nature of God.

The mission statement for Boundless: 'Commemorating the past, celebrating the present, and innovating for the future' is a powerful reminder of the value of history, the need to praise God now and the necessity of staying relevant in a changing world. The past will be commemorated by meeting together from 1-5 July 2015 in east London and convening under the 'tent' structure of The O2, as William and Catherine Booth and the first Salvationists convened in a tent in east London 150 years before. The present will be celebrated by offering thanks to God for the blessing of the Army's ministry in at least 126 countries.

Innovating for the future will begin by looking to General André Cox’s vision for The Salvation Army. At the 2013 High Council which elected him as General, the then Commissioner Cox was asked how he would see his last day in office as the General. He shared his vision in seven ‘I Dream’ statements, which serve as the basis for the main arena sessions. The General's dream is for a Joyful, Unified, Serving, Caring, Multicultural and Youthful Army of Integrity. Each month leading up to the congress, starting in November, the themes will be highlighted through the congress social media platforms, giving a glimpse into plans for the upcoming event.

Bringing together as never before delegates from every part of the Army world, Boundless 2015 will be a congress unlike any other, and a gathering of God's people that Salvationists will not want to miss. The Army will never be the same again!

For more information on the congress, visit boundless2015.org. Also, 'like' the congress Facebook page (Boundless 2015), follow the Twitter account (@Boundless 2015), and interact with the congress team on Instagram (@boundless_2015).

Feature prepared by the Congress Office
International Headquarters


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