12 June 2015

Crown of Glory, Crown of ThornsSALVATION Books, the publishing imprint of International Headquarters (IHQ) is to release three new books by former international leaders of The Salvation Army – all of which will be published in partnership with Frontier Press (USA Western Territory) and launched at the 150th anniversary international congress, Boundless – The Whole World Redeeming.

The third new release is Crown of Glory, Crown of Thorns – The Salvation Army in Wartime by General Shaw Clifton (Rtd).

Based on General Clifton's 1988 doctoral thesis, Crown of Glory, Crown of Thorns is the most comprehensive analysis of The Salvation Army in wartime ever compiled. It provides a detailed account of Salvation Army work and attitudes in wartime – with a particular focus on the Boer War and the two World Wars. Meticulous research revealed three main principles which governed Salvationist war reactions between 1899 and 1945: the spiritual priority of Christian evangelism and soul-saving; the practical priority of compassionate good work; and the upholding of Christian internationalism.

The book considers at length the difficulty of maintaining the third principle at times of particularly strong patriotism, 'placing the movement,' writes General Clifton, 'and its leaders under perpetual strain'.

Crown of Glory, Crown of Thorns includes 16 pages of fascinating photographs that provide a visual background for the stories and discussions.

General Shaw Clfton became international leader of The Salvation Army on 2 April 2006, entering retirement in 2011. Born in the UK, his wide-ranging service as a Salvation Army officer included appointments in every Salvation Army zone. Crown of Glory, Crown of Thorns is his 10th published book.

Crown of Glory, Crown of Thorns will be launched at Boundless 2015 at The O2 in London, UK, with General Clifton holding a book-signing in The SP&S Shop on Saturday 4 July from 1.30-3pm.

After the congress, copies will be available to order from International Headquarters, territorial trade and supplies departments and from amazon.co.uk. In the USA, the book is being published by the USA Western Territory imprint, Frontier Press. Ebook versions will be available for Kindle from amazon websites and for other e-readers through www.kobobooks.com

  • A review of Crown of Glory, Crown of Thorns will be available from Monday 15 June on the IHQ website at sar.my/cliftonbookreview

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