11 June 2015

SALVATION Books, the publishing imprint of International Headquarters (IHQ) is set to release three new books by former international leaders of The Salvation Army – all of which will be published in partnership with Frontier Press (USA Western Territory) and launched at the 150th anniversary international congress, Boundless – The Whole World Redeeming.

Those Incredible BoothsThe second new release is Those Incredible Booths by General John Larsson (Rtd).

'The Booths astounded the world,' writes General Larsson. 'William and Catherine not only created a new dynamic force called The Salvation Army, but as parents brought into the world a boisterous crew of eight individuals – as gifted and headstrong as their parents.' The book explores William and Catherine's approach to parenting and follows the children – through eight biographies woven together to form one fascinating narrative – as their influence spreads around the world.

Good times and bad are treated with the same light but authoritative touch – including when three of the children rebelled against their father and left the Army, sending, in the words of General Larsson, 'a shudder through its ranks'.

General John Larsson took office as international leader of The Salvation Army on 13 November 2002, retiring in 2006. Born in Sweden, he and his British wife, Commissioner Freda Larsson, served as Salvation Army officers in the United Kingdom, South America, New Zealand, his country of birth and at International Headquarters in London. He is the author of a number of books, a widely published composer of music and the co-writer – with John Gowans – of 10 musicals.

Those Incredible Booths will be launched at Boundless 2015 at The O2 in London, UK, with General Larsson holding a book-signing in The SP&S Shop on Friday 3 July from 3-4.30pm.

After the congress, copies will be available to order from International Headquarters, territorial trade and supplies departments and from amazon.co.uk. In the USA, the book is being published by the USA Western Territory imprint, Frontier Press. Ebook versions will be available for Kindle from amazon websites and for other e-readers through www.kobobooks.com

A review of Those Incredible Booths, written by Commissioner Keith Banks (United Kingdom Territory with the Republic of Ireland), can be found on the IHQ website at sar.my/larssonbookreview

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