10 June 2015

SALVATION Books, the publishing imprint of International Headquarters (IHQ) announces this week three new books by former international leaders of The Salvation Army – all of which will be published in partnership with Frontier Press (USA Western Territory) and launched at the 150th anniversary international congress, Boundless – The Whole World Redeeming. Information about the three books will be released over three days this week.

To Seize This Day of SalvationTo Seize This Day of Salvation is by General Paul A. Rader (Rtd) with Commissioner Kay F. Rader (edited by Major Stephen Court).

As The Salvation Army's international leaders, the Raders travelled widely, inspiring Salvationists and others to preach the gospel of Jesus and meet human needs in his name. Their book contains presentations which will inform and inspire action, exploring vital themes that lie at the heart of The Salvation Army's vision and mission. The authors make it clear that the issues are not only perennial – they are urgently relevant to this day of salvation.

General Paul Rader was elected as international leader of The Salvation Army on 23 July 1994. He and Commissioner Rader retired in 1999 and now live in Lexington, Kentucky, USA. They both entered training from the USA Eastern Territory and served in their home territory, the Korea Territory and the USA Western Territory.

To Seize This Day of Salvation will be launched at Boundless 2015 at The O2 in London, UK, with the authors holding a book-signing in The SP&S Shop on Thursday 2 July from 3-4.30pm.

After the congress, copies will be available to order from International Headquarters, territorial trade and supplies departments and from amazon.co.uk. In the USA, the book is being published by the USA Western Territory imprint, Frontier Press. Ebook versions will be available for Kindle from amazon websites and for other e-readers through www.kobobooks.com

A review of To Seize This Day of Salvation, written by Dr Robert Docter (USA Western), can be found on the IHQ website at sar.my/raderbookreview

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