05 February 2021


Bij Bosshardt coordinator Hille Simons stays in touch with one of the centre’s neighbours in Amsterdam South East, the Netherlands, as part of the Faith in the Neighbourhood initiative.Photo: Goed Folk

THE newest edition of the Salvation Army Year Book, a 384-page compendium capturing news and events from the 131 countries in which The Salvation Army serves, is now available.


From distributing live chickens in Angola, preparing textile facemasks in France, to teddy bear hunts in Norway, detailed reports and an expanded photo selection capture the various and innovative ways the Army around the world is serving communities during the pandemic.

‘This Year Book is a testament to the time in which it is written,’ share international leaders General Brian Peddle and Commissioner Rosalie Peddle (World President of Women’s Ministries) in the foreword. ‘You will catch glimpses of the Army in the midst of COVID-19... Our hope is that history will record this time of COVID-19 as both a challenge and an opportunity. It should also record a narrative that captures courage, creativity and conviction, enabling a fortitude that results in sacrificial service.’

Facts, figures and articles

The book also contains up-to-date facts and figures on the Army’s international mission, reports from every territory, command and region and five lead articles commissioned by the General. The articles focus on five pressing topics; advancing anti-racism (by Major Katherine Clausell, USA Central); The Salvation Army’s virtual agenda (by Chief of the Staff Commissioner Lyndon Buckingham); digital ministry during COVID-19 (by Joseph Halliday, International Headquarters (IHQ)); worldwide COVID-19 missional support (by Commissioner Birgitte Brekke-Clifton, IHQ) and the cry for justice (Colonels Janet and Richard Munn, International Social Justice Commission).

KYE - Territorial Commander Commissioner Margaret Siamoya shares important hygiene practices and information posters in Kenya

‘I commend to you the pages of this Year Book. Let the pictures that attempt to capture our story of service inspire you. As you read the lead articles, know that these were chosen so we could consider and reflect on important matters,’ adds the General.


‘As you browse these pages, I pray that the recorded statistics and the programmatic profiles of our territories, commands and regions will be an encouragement, providing evidence of God’s hand of blessing. He continues to enable the Army’s mission, impact and growth. Even during the pandemic, doors have opened and opportunities have come. God does the impossible and continues to surprise us.’

The first 'virtual' Year Book

Major Angela Strickland, Year Book Editor acknowledges how the pandemic impacted the production of the book: ‘It was a very challenging time. Like the rest of the world, we had to move our processes online. This is the first Year Book handled completely by virtual communication, with all team members working remotely.’


Year Book cover


Major Strickland adds: ‘I am honoured to share these pages that will hopefully serve as a reminder of the many lives altered in the path of the COVID-19 pandemic. But most importantly, I hope the book will provide a glimpse of hope that God provides for a better tomorrow.’

The e-book is available on Kindle and Kobo apps and devices, and the print version is now available from most Salvation Army trade stores. For the e-book visit: sar.my/yearbook2021kindle and sar.my/yearbook2021kobo

IHQ Communications

  • A selection of photos from the 2021 Year Book is available via the IHQ Flickr channel at sar.my/2021ybpics

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