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04 December 2017

THE United Nations has designated 5 December as International Volunteer Day, and General André Cox – world leader of The Salvation Army – is keen to offer his appreciation to the many thousands of people whose ‘selfless contributions’ enable The Salvation Army to ‘mobilise in the fight against injustice around the world’.

A video message extending the General’s thanks has been published across social media, recognising the numerous ways in which people in 128 countries get involved in supporting the international church and charity.

He says: ‘I thank you for your time, your expertise and your compassion in helping others – especially those experiencing hardship and injustice. Around the world, and in times of crisis, you serve your local communities; providing support and relief to countless people in need, each with his or her own individual story.’

Citing the aftermath of the damaging hurricanes which hit the Caribbean, Mexico and the southern United States in 2017, the General reflects that volunteers were ‘quickly on the scene, distributing drinks and food as well as emotional and spiritual support’. He continues with mention of the response to civil unrest in Mindanao, The Philippines, in May, where volunteers ‘helped provide temporary shelter to hundreds of displaced families’.

To mark International Volunteer Day, the General is surprising Salvation Army volunteers by thanking them personally via Twitter (@GeneralAndreCox). In a series of tweets – using the hashtag #InternationalVolunteerDay – he commends people like nine-year-old Brooklyn, who has collected more than 200 backpacks for The Salvation Army to distribute to children in need in the Kansas City area of the USA.

He also said ‘danke’ to Jacky and Birgitt, two German women who help their local Salvation Army in a variety of ways from serving in the community café to assisting with accounting. And it’s ‘tusind tak’ to Melisa, a young person from Denmark who has given up a year to volunteer with The Salvation Army in Nuuk, Greenland.

Though he recognises he cannot thank everyone personally, the General concludes his video message by addressing the ‘Army of volunteers’, acknowledging: ‘You all play a vital role in The Salvation Army and for that I thank you. God bless you all.’

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  • The General’s International Volunteer Day message can be watched and downloaded via the IHQ Communications Vimeo channel: sar.my/ivd17
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