31 July 2023

The Salvation Army is celebrating a culture of generosity that will provide care and support for active and retired officers in countries where approved allowance provisions are unrealised and pensions may be unavailable.

General Brian Peddle says: ‘One of my long-standing concerns, and that of my predecessors, has been for officers in parts of our Army world where they do not receive their full allowance, and for faithful officers who have retired in places where there is no state pension. I am deeply grateful for the wonderful provision of territories in the United States of America, together with generous contributions from a private trust, into endowments established for officers affected in these ways.’

Through their territorial headquarters, active officers can be assisted with ‘top-ups’ to reach their full allowance, together with assistance for health and education support, through the Officers’ Support Endowment Fund (OSEF).

Retired officers can enjoy greater financial security through the Retired Officers’ Allowance Scheme (ROAS), with provision of a pension indexed to a percentage of officer allowances.

Both OSEF and ROAS have been in operation for several years, with contributions increasing through international support from territories and personal contributions. Because of this latest generous provision, these funds are now reaching a point where the shortfall is reducing significantly.

Contributions to OSEF or ROAS are still welcome, as they will help to make a difference in the lives of officers around the world.

Colonel Geoff Webb

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