11 June 2024

The international leaders are welcomed with an ondel-ondel performance

General Lyndon Buckingham and Commissioner Bronwyn Buckingham (World President of Women’s Ministries) arrived in Indonesia on Monday 27 May for a week of celebrations in the territory, including a corps inauguration, a thanksgiving meeting, a graduation evening, and the ordination and commissioning of the Defenders of Justice Session.

The presence of the General and Commissioner Bronwyn Buckingham brought special blessings to many people. At the inauguration of Jonooge #1 Corps on Wednesday 29 May, the General encouraged the congregation to rejoice in God’s grace in rebuilding the corps, which was devastated by the massive 2018 earthquake. With the support of the local government, the Regent of Sigi (the highest-ranking government official of an administrative division within Central Sulawesi), donors, and the hard work and self-reliance of a congregation mostly made up of farmers, the 1,000-person-capacity building was completed in just over five years. Mohamad Irwan Lapatta, the Regent of Sigi, was also in attendance at the inauguration.

On the same day, officers’ councils were held in Palu. Officers from seven divisions and two regions in central and eastern Indonesia – comprising 567 retired and active officers – attended the service. A total of 184 officers responded to the General’s sermon by renewing their covenant with God.

Inauguration of Jonooge #1 Corps
Inauguration of Jonooge #1 Corps

Celebrating 130 years of ministry

A thanksgiving service celebrating 130 years of The Salvation Army’s ministry in Indonesia was held on the morning of Thursday 30 May at the Mobile Brigade Corps of Indonesia Police in Palu. This outdoor event was attended by 11,676 Salvation Army soldiers, who took part in a spirited celebration of God’s greatness for the Army’s work in Indonesia.

In her words of encouragement, Commissioner Bronwyn urged the congregation to be grateful to the early champions and fighters of The Salvation Army in Indonesia, who have made it what it is today. The General’s sermon, based on Hebrews 12:1-3, was greatly anointed by God, resulting in 883 people responding to his message by coming forward to pray personally. Also attending the meeting were the Deputy Governor of Central Sulawesi and the Head of Interfaith Communication Forum for Central Sulawesi.

On Thursday afternoon, young members of The Salvation Army held a revival meeting at the Bumi Kaktus sports hall. Despite the hot weather, the General and Commissioner Bronwyn enthusiastically participated in the energetic youth service. The General encouraged the 4,658 young Salvationists to, like Peter, listen to God’s voice and not give up easily when facing challenges, committing their youth to God’s plan. When it came to a call to pray, 263 young people responded, many of them feeling called and committed to becoming Salvation Army officers.

Young people lead worship at the revival meeting
Young people lead worship at the revival meeting

To strive for God's justice

The culmination of the General’s visit was the ordination and commissioning weekend. The event, held in Jakarta on 1–2 June, began with the graduation night for the second-year cadets of the Defenders of Justice Session, the promotion of 54 first-year cadets of the Champions of the Mission Session, and the Silver Star Fellowship Night. Commissioner Bronwyn offered words of gratitude, appreciating the dedication of parents who had allowed their children to become Salvation Army officers. The poignant moment of presenting the Silver Star to the parents, followed by a joint prayer, added to the emotional atmosphere.

The following day, the hallelujahs of the 36 cadets of the Defenders of Justice Session rang out in the Jakarta #1 Corps. A total of 1,063 people filled the venue, which is in the same compound as the Salvation Army training college. In this meeting, God’s presence was manifested through praises, the statements of faith expressed by the cadets, words of encouragement by Commissioner Bronwyn and a sermon delivered by the General, who urged the lieutenants to live up to their session’s name and strive for God’s justice to be truly upheld. His call for them to continue advancing for truth, humanity and justice was met with hallelujahs.

The Indonesia Territory was blessed by the presence of the international leaders. Spiritual renewal has been declared by God through their ministry.

Captain Febe Ambitan, Territorial Digital Communication Officer, Indonesia Territory

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