Pin Ta Oo Corps, Kalay District, Myanmar

ShopkeeperThis lady became a widow when her two children were very young. To support herself and the children she started a small shop selling beer and spirits. The women’s ministries section from Pin Ta Oo Corps daily visited her in her home to help with food as the income from the bar was not enough. During that time she was presented with the gospel and eventually accepted Jesus Christ as her Saviour. As a result she wanted to stop selling alcohol, but it was costly to start a new business and almost impossible to get a job, and so the women from the corps once again came to her aid. 

With financial support from the ‘Initiative Fund’, a group of women commenced a soup shop with this special lady in charge. All surplus funds went to the Women’s Ministries project. The soup shop grew and was handed over to this lady who began to run it as a microcredit business. This growth made it possible for her to close the bar. Today the business continues to grow and she is slowly improving as a businesswoman, supporting herself and her family. Through her business, she can now afford to send her children to school, buy uniforms and school supplies, and also give a ‘love gift’ to their teachers from time to time.

Her story has become a daily reminder to the members of her village that with God’s help and good friends you can change your life and make a future for your children. By human standards, she would still be classed as poor, but she works hard and is making a difference not only in the life of her children, but is contributing to her village through the business.