The Salvation Army began operations in Malawi on 13 November 1967 and was granted official government recognition on 2 October 1973. The Malawi Division was part of the Zimbabwe Territory until 1988, when it was integrated into the Zambia Command, which was given territorial status and became known as the Zambia and Malawi Territory. The Army’s work in Malawi has grown and developed and on 1 October 2002 it became a separate region. Further growth and expansion of the work in Malawi resulted in the region being elevated to command status of 1 February 2004. The Malawi Command was elevated to territorial status on 1 March 2011.


The territory continues to go from strength to strength, with more centres opened and districts and divisions created. In the past five years the number of our soldiers has doubled.

Training has been given to equip local officers in their roles, and leaders from THQ have conducted seminars and meetings in various locations to enrich the spiritual lives of soldiers and officers. Women have held many meetings and rallies to encourage each other, resulting into significant growth both spiritually and numerically.

Many activities took place in support of the Whole World Mobilising campaign, including the flag being taken to all districts and divisions. Both junior and senior corps held activities and saw many people responding to the message and, as a result of the events, more centres have been opened.

The Mchinji Anti-Child Trafficking Centre offered counselling to the many children who passed through it before they were repatriated to their homes. The children were also equipped with skills and a package of tools to assist them in commencing a new way of life.

Many farmers and their families in Kasungu and Mangochi benefited from the provision of education in good farming methods through conservation agriculture.

The WASHE programme received further funding to continue its work in a number of communities. The love of God for the people has been demonstrated through such programmes.


Territorial Leaders

Colonel Alfred Banda - Territorial Commander (1 June 2020)

Colonel Pamela Banda - Territorial President for Women's Ministries

Lieut-Colonel Samuel Baah - Chief Secretary (1 July 2020)

Lieut-Colonel Theresa Baah - Territorial Secretary for Women's Ministries


Territorial Headquarters

PO Box 51140,





Officers - 142 (active - 121  retired - 21) 

Cadets - 12            Envoys - 4                   Employees - 44

Corps - 97                    Outposts - 68

Senior Soldiers - 9,949    Adherents - 29   Junior Soldiers - 3,447



Country included in the command: Malawi

Languages in which the gospel is preached: Chichewa, English, Lomwe, Sena, Tumbuka