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Learning PathwaysUpdated: 13 May 2021

Learning Pathways is a three-tier distance learning opportunity for Salvationists passionate about engaging in their community.

With the Learning Pathways course eventually covering certificate-, diploma- and degree-level content, the online learning facility will offer an opportunity for anyone connected with The Salvation Army to deepen their understanding in the areas of community engagement, community development and community project management. The certificate-level material gives the foundation for engaging with a community using an Integrated Mission and Faith-Based Facilitation approach, bringing together theology and best practice, giving practical skills for community engagement and for supporting course participants’ personal development. 

How can I get involved?

From June, the certificate material will be offered in printed/downloadable format and through the learning management system of Booth University College. The courses for diploma and degree levels will be offered on a regular basis via the learning management system, according to a Learning Pathways course calendar to allow students to progress and to be accompanied in their learning.

Following the launch of the certificate material, virtual training events will be undertaken to train territorial Learning Pathways coordinators to accompany students in attaining the Learning Pathways certificate. Delegates to these training events should be appointed by interested territories. Please refer to the role description in the Territorial Learning Pathways Coordinators attachment and contact Major Joan Münch as soon as possible.

The virtual training event will take place on Wednesday 30 June from 12.00 – 16.00 UK time using Microsoft Teams. It will be interactive involving both group work and plenary sessions.

The purpose of the training is to ensure that appointed territorial Learning Pathways coordinators and other key people for the roll out:

  • Are aware of what Learning Pathways is.
  • Know all the material available (including additional documents) and how to access it in a paper form and within the Learning Management System in their language (if available).
  • Understand the two parts of the course: Community Engagement and Personal Development. 12 sessions each to be completed.
  • Know the different key elements: Accountability partner, Learning Group, Action-Reflection learning and Goal setting.
  • Understand their role as territorial Learning Pathways coordinators.
  • Understand the process of enrolling students into the course.
  • Understand where to get help if needed.

Each territory can appoint a maximum of two delegates to the training, one of them should be the appointed territorial Learning Pathways coordinator. Please send the name of your delegate(s) by 15 June at the latest to

Please be advised that the virtual training event will happen in English only. We are of course aware of the fact that this may create some inconvenience, so please ensure this information is conveyed to your appointed delegate(s). Spoken English is essential.

Delegates having completed the certificate in community engagement and personal development and with sufficient English (TOEFL level) can, with the support of their territory, apply for diploma courses.