Learning Pathways

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Learning Pathways?

Learning Pathways is a distance learning programme in Salvation Army community engagement, community development and community project management. It is available to Salvation Army territories around the world. The programme lasts for 12 weeks, and is action-reflection based, working from an Integrated Mission and Faith-Based Facilitation approach.

The programme is developed and offered by the International Development office based at The Salvation Army International Headquarters in London, United Kingdom.

Learning Pathways gives a foundation for engaging with a community using an Integrated Mission and Faith-Based Facilitation approach, at the same time as supporting personal development through the identification and pursuit of personal learning goals and application of action-reflection learning. The course links biblical and personal reflection, theology, practical applications and readings with everyday life and ministry. It supports a movement towards change in personal life and community.

Who is Learning Pathways for?

All Salvation Army officers, employees and volunteers.

Where is Learning Pathways?

Learning Pathways Certificate is delivered via a Learning Management System (LMS) through ‘MyBoothOnline’ which is powered by the Moodle LMS and administrated by Booth University College. Access to MyBoothOnline: https://myboothonline.boothuc.ca/. Login details to MyBoothOnline must be obtained from your Territorial Learning Pathways Coordinator.

How long does it take to complete the Learning Pathways Certificate?

Students are encouraged to complete all 12 sessions of both Community Engagement and Personal Development including filling in the supplied workbook and keeping track of personal reflections and practical applications using a personal note-taking system of their own choosing. It should take three to six months to complete.

How much time do I have to put in?

Students should commit to working on their learning goals each week and take 15 minutes at the end of each day to reflect. They will review progress regularly with their accountability partner, meet with their leaning group and engage with the workbook as they learn to practise the action-reflection style. This statement is listed in session one of Personal Development.

How do I apply for Learning Pathways?

Learning Pathways is centrally administrated and offered at The Salvation Army International Headquarters. However, course coordination for the students is arranged via territorial headquarters (THQ)/divisional headquarters (DHQ). Please contact your Territorial Learning Pathways Coordinator for the start date of Learning Pathways in your region as well as course registration. Any questions arising along the way can be addressed by your accountability partner (for course content) or Learning Pathways coordinator (for course coordination).

I have registered with the Territorial Learning Pathways Coordinator but have not received the login details.

The credential login email will be sent out from Booth University College with the email subject ‘MyBoothOnline’. If you can’t find the email, please check the following:

  • The email may be in your junk mail/spam folders.
  • Is your mailbox full or settings incorrect?
  • If you are still unable to locate this, please ask that the coordinator contacts the IHQ Learning Pathways Administrator.

What can I do as my login to Learning Pathways doesn’t work?

Please go to myboothonline.boothuc.ca, Click ‘login’, you will see a login page, then click ‘Forgotten your username or password’, put in the email address you used for registration with your Learning Pathways coordinator, then press ‘Search’. You will receive an email from Boothuc.ca with the link to change the password. Please note that the link is valid for 30 minutes from the time the reset was first requested.

Is the Learning Pathways available in other languages?

Learning Pathways is currently available in eight languages i.e. English, French, Hindi, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish and Swahili. Translation in Finnish, Tamil, Mizo, Telugu and Malayalam will be available later in 2022.

Do I require any extra reading?

Learning Pathways gives the foundation for engaging with a community using an Integrated Mission and Faith Based Facilitation approach. Read more about Integrated Mission from the downloadable resources Mission in Community, The Salvation Army’s Integrated Mission (International Headquarters, 2006) and The Salvation Army’s Integrated Mission: A Manual (Alison Rader Campbell, 2015).

More detailed information on the FBF process can be found in Building Deeper Relationships Through Faith-Based Facilitation (International Headquarters, 2010). Other translations are available.

What is the role of Territorial Learning Pathways Coordinators?

How do I find my Accountability Partner? How often should I meet my Accountability Partner?

What is a Learning Group?

How do I obtain a certificate for the Learning Pathways?

The Learning Pathways Level 1 certificate will be provided from TSA International Headquarters. You will be informed by your Territorial Learning Pathways Coordinator on how to receive the certificate.

How do I provide feedback for the programme?

You will receive an online survey from your Territorial Learning Pathways Coordinator after your whole learning group has completed the programme.