The Salvation Army International Headquarters (IHQ) is largely based in the UK but does have some international offices and of course supports the global work of The Salvation Army. Below details the UK office locations of IHQ, and the purpose of these buildings. For information about individual territories, please visit that local territory or command website, using the dropdown list on our homepage.

101 Queen Victoria Street

This is the central hub of the work of IHQ, housing the majority of teams who work for IHQ including the office of the General and Chief of the Staff, zonal offices and Communications. The Salvation Army has occupied this site since 1881 and has been a prominent feature of the City of London ever since. A beautiful glass-fronted building with panoramic views of the city, it’s hard to find a seat in this building without a view! Café 101 is based here which offers a wide variety of hot and cold freshly prepared food and drinks for staff and members of the public. Staff enjoy a discount on food and drink prepared on site from Café 101 and are welcome to use the restaurant seating area for coffees, catch-ups and team lunches.

Faith House, Lovat Lane

Situated just down the road from Queen Victoria Street sits Faith House on Lovat Lane. IT are largely based on one of the floors here, sharing the building with The Salvation Army’s official banking partner, Reliance Bank.

International College of Officers (ICO)

The ICO is based at Sunbury Court in Sunbury-on-Thames, a purposeful location for officer’s spiritual training and leadership development. A Georgian mansion houses the ICO team including the principals of the college and is accompanied by a purpose-built conference centre for when the ICO is in session. The ICO also boasts ample accommodation and meal provision for overseas officers to stay when they are called to session. Historically, the ICO has been the venue of the High Council, the process in which a new General is elected, demonstrating its incredible significance as part of IHQ.

In addition to these UK locations, IHQ has offices overseas which include:

International Social Justice Commission (ISJC)

Based in New York City, USA, the International Social Justice Commission is The Salvation Army’s strategic voice to advocate for human dignity and social justice with the world’s poor and oppressed. Similar to the UK, the staff are made up of officers and employees who work together on a variety of campaigns including a focus on contemporary moral and social justice issues.

Salvation Army Leadership College (SALT College)

Based in Kenya, SALT College provides support to Salvation Army territories and commands across Africa, helping with policy and strategy setting as well as providing training opportunities for officers and local leaders.