The Salvation Army brought together more than 200 people from 25-28 March 2014 – in the presence of General André Cox – to discuss the way forward for our work ‘serving suffering humanity’. This website has enabled many more people to participate.

A transcript of the plenary session from Friday 28 March is available below. Click on the session names to the right to read more about the conversations that took place in response to a selection of 'big questions' facing The Salvation Army in the 21st century.


Global Conversation delegates are a diverse group of people – many different countries and cultures; different disciplines/professions within The Salvation Army will be represented; some delegates are officers, some soldiers, while others are employees.

The Power of One Army


The aim is to create space for mind-stretching, agenda-setting papers; rich conversations full of different perspectives. In everything, we seek a unity in our shared passion to serve suffering humanity and transform our world in the name of Jesus Christ.

Global Conversation delegates are privileged to be full participants in the 2014 USA Salvation Army Conference for Social Work and Emergency Disaster Services meeting in Orlando, Florida. The plenary sessions will involve more than 600 people – all engaged in Salvation Army ministry across the USA and the world. 


Delegates will discuss 12 important questions facing Salvation Army ‘serving suffering humanity’ ministries in the 21st century. The questions will each be considered in 12 90-minute workshops (three running concurrently during each of the four sessions) on Wednesday 26 and Thursday 27 March.  

The speakers will present a 2,250-word paper. Each paper will also have a 500-word response from a Global Conversation delegate before the round table discussions of the issues raised. The input from people following the conference online will also be included in the outcomes of the conference to be presented to General André Cox in a plenary session on Friday 28 March.

All times are EDT (GMT-4 hours)

Wednesday 26 March – 11am


Speaker 1

Speaker 2

Session 1a: What does fullness of life (full salvation) mean in the 21st century?


Commissioner Torben Eliasen

Territorial Envoy Joseph Lalrintluanga Vaikhuma
India Eastern

Session 1b: How does The Salvation Army work together as One Army?


Major Angela Hachitapika

Commissioner Eva Marseille

Session 1cWhat is The Salvation Army’s theology as we serve suffering humanity?


Major Campbell Roberts
New Zealand

Major Dean Pallant


Wednesday 26 March – 4pm


Speaker 1

Speaker 2

Session 2a: Can we ‘save souls’ while ‘serving suffering humanity’?


Captain Andy Miller
USA Southern

Captain Hary Haran
Singapore, Malaysia and Myanmar

Session 2b: How can we make our voice heard and speak prophetically from our experience? 


Colonel Geanette Seymour
International Social Justice Commission, IHQ

Dr David Nku
Democratic Republic of the Congo

Session 2c: How do we measure the impact of our work?


Commissioner Gerrit Marseille

Lieut-Colonel James Nauta
USA Central


Thursday 27 March – 11am


Speaker 1

Speaker 2

Session 3a: How does serving suffering humanity transform people as disciples?


Major Bobby Westmoreland
USA Southern

Lieut-Colonel Lucien Lamartiniere
Democratic Republic of the Congo

Session 3b: How can The Salvation Army faithfully engage with the state, the market, NGOs and FBOs?


Jacquelyn Hadley 
The Bridgespan Group

Dr Helen Cameron
United Kingdom

Session 3c: How can we develop and sustain a Christian character in Salvation Army institutions and programmes?


Dr Russell Rook
United Kingdom

Major John Chamness
USA Western


Thursday 27 March – 4pm


Speaker 1

Speaker 2

Session 4a: How can ‘One Army’ develop comprehensive solutions to international problems?
This session will focus on human trafficking and immigration.


Lieut-Colonel Marieke Venter

Major Brad Halse
Australia Southern

Session 4b: How can The Salvation Army integrate employees into our mission and sustain their passionate engagement?


Rev Hans Blom
The Netherlands

Mary Ellen Eberlin
Canada and Bermuda

Session 4c: How can we serving suffering humanity with few resources?


Lieut-Colonel Sara Chagas

Captain Diana McDonald

There will be a plenary wrap-up session on Friday morning at 9am for all Global Conversation delegates where the reflections raised in the 12 sessions will be shared in the presence of General Cox.


Have your say

Every Salvation Army territory and command has been invited to send delegates to the conference. All the papers will be available online in real time. Anyone with access to the internet can participate in the online discussion - simply click on the appropriate link above. Feedback will be shared in a plenary session on the morning of Friday 28 March 2014.