Salvation Army operations began in Ghana in 1922 when Lieutenant King Hudson was commissioned to ‘open fire’ in his home town of Duakwa. Ensign and Mrs Charles Roberts were also appointed to pioneer work in Accra.

Work in neighbouring Togo was officially recognised on 1 April 2011.

Territorial Leaders

Colonel Seth Appeateng - Territorial Commander

Colonel Janet Appeateng - Territorial President for Women's Ministries

Lieut-Colonel Simon Mbuthu - Chief Secretary (1 March 2022)

Lieut-Colonel Zipporah Mbuthu - Territorial Secretary for Women's Ministries

Territorial Headquarters


Postal Address

PO Box CT 452

Contact us

Tel: +(233) 21 776 971


To celebrate the 100th anniversary of The Salvation Army in Ghana, a centenary flag started a journey in July 2021 to visit all divisions, corps and centres, acknowledging the work that has been achieved and to act as a reminder of the 100 years of service to God and humanity.

Under the theme `Keep the Fire Burning' and to kick-start the year-long celebration, Territorial Commander Colonel Samuel Amponsah presented personal protective equipment (PPE) worth GHC50,000 (£7,500) to the 229 Salvation Army schools in the territory. A centenary souvenir cloth was made available for every Salvationist to wear during the special year.

In April 2020, another set of trainees graduated from the Bread for the World-sponsored Programme for Streets Girls at Anidaso Fie Vocational Training Centre. In December, a corps building and officers' quarters in Asuom funded by a donation, were dedicated.

Information technology and communications abilities were upgraded to Office 365, aiding the territory immensely. During the pandemic, board meetings were held on Teams. The boardrooms at THQ and the training college are equipped with large screens to help with training, communication, and information exchange.

During the year, the Women's Ministries team visited all centres around the territory to encourage the women to be steadfast and brave as they faced the COVID-19 pandemic; PPE was also distributed to women, made possible by a donation from the United Kingdom and Ireland Territory. In November 2020, the Women's Ministries team joined Ashanti Central women in a mass peace promotion ahead of the general election.



Officers - 285 (active - 221 retired - 64)       Auxillary Captains - 31

Cadets - 11                Employees - 138

Corps - 132                 Outposts - 168

Senior Soldiers - 21,877    Adherents - 20   Junior Soldiers - 4,839

Countries included in the territory: Ghana, Togo

Languages in which the gospel is preached: Bassa, Builsa, Dangme, English, Ewe, Fante, Frafra, Ga, Gola, Grushia, Twi