Under the leadership of Commissioner Dick Krommenhoek (Territorial Commander, Finland and Estonia Territory) the Europe Choir will be brought together specially for this Congress. About 150 singers from all parts of Europe will combine to form this unique group. It is sure to make an exciting, God-glorifying and unmissable contribution to the Congress. So do not miss it


Básico is a group of young people from various corps in Spain, who come together to praise the Lord in a new way of seeing, feeling, and enjoying praise and worship. Traditional and contemporary styles come together in a common purpose, as the presence of God is poured out to move our hearts in a revolution led by the Holy Spirit.

Rediscovering our Salvationist DNA, the worship group fuses together contemporary worship, brass band and tambourines in harmony to praise the Lord. Básico follows the words of Catherine Booth, who said: 'if we want to change the future, we must begin to change the present'.


The Daltons consist of five men who for years have been playing regularly at the prison in Umeå, Sweden. They say: 'We play a mix of music, ranging from the Salvation Army's song treasure to Swedish folk songs. Our sound is a mix of gospel and country music. We use guitar, bass and percussion. We have fun together and hope that this joy is contagious.'


LivingSoul is a dynamic power-choir of 13 young people from Switzerland, who transmit through their unique freshness the pure joy of life. Accompanied by a small, live-band they bring inspiration through groovy-funky pop and modern gospel music. This is rooted in a deep experience of God's love and closeness. LivingSoul would like to dismantle the prejudice young people may have towards the Christian faith. Most young people who are part of LivingSoul have experienced personally what it means to be liberated by God's love. They say: 'A relationship with God is neither suffocating nor boring. Through our music, we would like to transmit this experience and enthusiasm. See for yourself and be enticed with this overwhelming joy of life!'


The group was formed in March 2003 because of a need for the Salvation Army’s young people in the Paris area to be involved in an activity relevant to them. A small group of the Lilas Corps sought the will of God for the youth of the community. It emerged that these young people could serve God through the arts: music, singing and dance. G-Thanks was born, with its first goal to bring God closer to all members of the group. As a result, the young people have a heart for worship. They say: 'Today, our mission is to bring the people of God to see the love and beauty, strength and gentleness, wisdom and glory, power and the grace of our God through our activities.' The G in G-Thanks stands for 'Glory to God for his Goodness, his Grace, his Gift, his Greatness'.


Having been formed to take part in the World Youth Convention in Sweden in July 2010, UK Brass are delighted to have been invited to play at the Europe Congress 2012. The group is made up young Salvationist musicians from around the UK Territory who are all active within their own corps and are eager to use their musical talents for God and The Salvation Army.


The Hallelujah Quartet is comprised of officers from the Eastern Europe Territory: Captains Valery and Victoria Lalac and Captains Alexander and Svetlana Sharov. They began singing together in 1996 as soldiers of Botanika Corps in Moldova. A year later they became cadets of the Faithful Intercessors session. They have blessed many people with their close harmonies and exuberant witness. General Paul Rader invited the quartet to sing in meetings in the United Kingdom in 1998. They have also visited the United States where they took part in the 2000 Millennium Congress in Atlanta and in a Bible Conference in Junalaska in 2008. They say: 'We enjoy singing together. Music is a great possibility to express our love to God'.


A-young Lee is a Salvationist from Daegu, Korea, now living in Italy. She has a degree in lyrics and has obtained a doctorate in song in Italy, She has also studied at the Chopin Academy in Poland. Her ambition is to sing for the Lord all her life.


The children's choir has been especially brought together for this occasion. Their ages are between 9 and 16 years old. They come together from different towns of the Moravia region. Their motivation to be part of this choir is to share with the people of Europe their love for Jesus and to share His love with the people around them.