Work in Finland was commenced on 8 November 1889 in Broholm’s Riding School, Helsinki, by four aristocratic Finns – Captain and Mrs Constantin Boije with Lieutenants Hedvig von Haartman and Alva Forsius. Within six months Hedvig von Haartman was appointed leader of the work in the country.

Work in Estonia first commenced in 1927 and continued until 1940 when it was closed due to the Second World War. It recommenced in the autumn of 1995 when three Finnish officers were assigned to start the work in Tallinn.

Territorial Headquarters: Uudenmaankatu 40, 00120 Helsinki, Finland

Postal address:

    Post Box 161
    00121 Helsinki

Tel address: Pelastusarmeija
Tel: [358] (09) 6812300
Fax: [358] (09) 601131
Email: finland@pelastusarmeija.fi

Countries included in the territory: Estonia, Finland

Languages in which the gospel is preached: English, Estonian, Finnish, Russian, Swedish

Periodicals: Krigsropet (Swedish), Nappis (Finnish), Sotahuuto (Finnish)