The work of The Salvation Army in Denmark commenced in Copenhagen on 8 May 1887, pioneer officers beging Majors (later Lieut-Colonels) Robert and Isabella Perry.

Lieutenants Magnus and Petura Haraldsen were appointed to commence Army work in Greenland in August 2012.

Languages in which the gospel is preached: Danish, Greenlandic

Periodicals: Krigsråbet (The War Cry), Vision-Mission

Territorial Leadership

Lieut-Colonel Jan Risan - Territorial Commander

Lieut-Colonel Kjersti Risan - Territorial President of Women's Ministries

Major Joan Münch - Chief Secretary

Territorial Headquarters

Frederiksberg Allé 9
1621 Copenhagen V

Contact us

Tel: [45] 33 31 41 92

Email: sekretariatet@den.salvationarmy.org