Called to be a Solider and Day by Day

Called to be a Soldier and Day by Day are two new publications from The Salvation Army's International Headquarters, made available to all its senior soldiers around the world.

An international focus

You are invited to read Called to be a Soldier with us as we focus on one chapter each week.

Live launch event

We held a live launch event on 1 July 2021. It was a lively, upbeat meeting at International Headquarters with international participation, despite pandemic restrictions! It featured prayer, testimony, music and a word from General Brian Peddle.

Called to be a Solider coverAbout Called to be a Soldier

Called to be a Soldier explores The Salvation Army Soldier’s Covenant, focusing in turn on each of the statements of intention that form the covenant by outlining the possibilities and opportunities of life as a Salvation Army soldier. The covenant is set in the context of Salvationist theology and practice, showing how the promises we make in response to God’s call are also Articles of War – a set of regulations which guide the conduct of an army.

The beliefs, values and behaviours outlined in the covenant call for dedication to God and God’s mission, holiness of heart and life, personal integrity and authenticity, and determination to live in ways that model what it means to be a follower of Christ. Living as a Salvation Army soldier is only possible by relying on the grace and guidance of God as we seek to translate into everyday living the commitments we have made.


Day by Day coverAbout Day by Day

What does following Jesus now look like? Is it different? Is it essentially the same as always? Or both?

Day by Day invites us to look at these things personally and together, focusing on the Call to Mission, ensuring that Jesus and his teaching are always at the heart of our endeavours.

Sections in the book include:

  • Section One – The Call of Jesus
  • Section Two – Know More Clearly – Be Ready
  • Section Three – Love More Dearly – Be Engaged
  • Section Four – Follow More Nearly – Take Responsibility
  • Section Five – Day by Day

From General Brian Peddle

Photo of the GeneralCalled to be a Soldier is timely as it challenges us to engage personally in an active, obedient faith. We are becoming increasingly aware of the ways in which our world is interconnected. How we relate to each other as individuals, communities and nations is crucial for our society and environment. It is my conviction that Called to be a Soldier will provide a most helpful framework to think about these matters, and more.

‘It will help us understand how Salvationist beliefs shape our actions. It will draw attention to the importance of worship. My prayer is that as you study its contents, you will grow in your conviction that Salvation Army soldiership is a calling of immense importance. Bring questions to your study, and bring your openness to the God who calls us into his service and mission.

‘In Day by Day Commissioner Robert Street has taken the General’s call to the Army and made it personal. Though I recognise the global call on the Army, I know it fails – lacking legs, hands and voice – unless our soldiers step up (are available) and step out (are ready to serve).

‘Out of a heart made right by God stands our Army, not resigned to the trenches but advancing by his grace, bringing good news, shining light into darkness and, yes, challenging the injustices of an all-too-tolerant world.

‘I invite you to hear his call through the pages of this book. Read it through the Word – the Bible – hear his voice and be urged through Paul’s words in Ephesians 4:1 to ‘live a life worthy of the calling you have received’. I do this believing that the greatest fulfilment of his call is found in each of us becoming – day by day – the person God intends us to be.’

How to get copies

Please speak to the leaders at your local Salvation Army centre.

Poster downloads

We have produced posters which can be displayed in corps buildings to promote the new books.

Promotional video from the General

Salvation Army corps and centres can download the following video to promote and advertise the books. In it, General Brian Peddles shares the vision for them and encourages their reading. It can be used in online and in-person worship.

Interview with the author of Day by Day

We spoke with Commissioner Robert Street, author of Day by Day, to get his thoughts on living as a Christian, the process of writing the book, and his hopes and prayers for those reading.

Faith Talks card'Faith Talks' card game

In addition to the books, we created this card game – ‘Faith Talks’. The game encourages intergenerational conversations so that people of all ages can express their faith, listen to and learn from each other and deepen their personal faith.