Salvation Army work in Angola was officially established in 1985. Having been part of the Congo (Kinshasa) and Angola Territory, it became a separate command on 1 March 2008. 

In 1974, two officers originally from Angola but trained and served in Congo (Kinshasa) entered Angola by Uige Province to commence Salvation Army meetings in that part of the country. In 1978, other Salvationists from Kinshasa met in Angola's capital, Luanda, and 'opened fire'. The Salvation Army was officially recognised by the Angola Government on 14 February 1992. 

Command Leaders

Lieut-Colonel Stephen Malins - Officer Commanding

Lieut-Colonel Theresa Malins​ - Command President of Women's Ministries

Major Sérgio Nsumbu - General Secretary (1 October 2020)

Major Ana Nsumbu - Command Secretary of Women's Ministries

Command Headquarters

Igreja Exército de Salvação,
Rua Olympia Macueira,
Comuna de Palanca,

Postal address

Caixa Postal 1656-C,

Contact us

Tel: + (244) 928 570 867/ 938 417 805


How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news! Beyond the limitations and restrictions caused by COVID-19, the command has emphasised its ministry by participating in events of national and international interest, such as International Women's Day, Youth National Day, National Day of Peace and Reconciliation, Ecumenical Week for Child Protection and Rights, and the Prayer Week for Victims of Human Trafficking.

The gospel message was shared through social media and door-to-door visitation. Officers and soldiers experienced an opening of the mind and receptivity from the people they met. 

In northern Angola, people used honey produced by The Salvation Army Pilot Beekeeping Project as a cheap and available complementary medicine to sooth the symptoms of COVID-19. Limited health services, poor family income and poor nutrition are key factors that have left many people prone to COVID-19.

The online welcome meeting for the Messengers of Reconciliation Session of cadets had even greater impact compared to the usual in-person meeting; people within and outside The Salvation Army participated and responded positively.


Officers - 65 (active - 51 retired - 14)       Auxillary Captains - 4

Envoys - 2    Employees - 13          Cadets - 9

Corps - 32                 Outposts and Societies - 11

Senior Soldiers - 4,258    Adherents - 133   Junior Soldiers - 923

Countries included in the command: Angola

Languages in which the gospel is preached: Humbundu, Kikongo, Kimbundu, Lingala, Chokwe, Ngangela, Portuguese