Worshipping, Connecting, Unicycling and Zip Lining Feature In Ignite 2013 - The Salvation Army's World Scouting Jamboree
08 August 2013
Representatives from International Headquarters (IHQ) visited the 520 scouts, guides and leaders staying at Gilwell Park during the centenary event
Interview with General André Cox
06 August 2013
A disciple of Jesus: Interview with the 20th General of The Salvation Army
The General and Commissioner Silvia Cox are Welcomed to International Headquarters
05 August 2013
General André Cox and Commissioner Silvia Cox (World President of Women's Ministries) were welcomed to IHQ today with applause and cheers
Media Release: Salvation Army Elects New International Leader
03 August 2013
Commissioner André Cox Elected as 20th General of The Salvation Army
Commissioner André Cox elected 20th General of The Salvation Army
03 August 2013
On the final day of the 2013 High Council members entered the chamber with a sense of anticipation and solemnity, prepared for the sacred task
High Council Members Seek Holy Spirit's Guidance After Hearing Answers and Speeches by Candidates and Spouses (Report 5, High Council 2013)
02 August 2013
‘¿A que tú no sabes lo que en High Council pasó?’ were the words sung by the Hispanic members of the High Council at the start of Day 5
Salvation Army Scouting Centenary Celebrated with World Jamboree
02 August 2013
To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Salvation Army scouting, the UK is hosting the World Jamboree for Scouts and Guides – Ignite 2013
Candidates Prepare to Address the High Council (Report 4, High Council 2013)
01 August 2013
High Council members joined Salvationists in the Worldwide Prayer Meeting. This was introduced by Comr James Condon with words of Scripture
Profiles of the Candidates (High Council 2013)
01 August 2013
Profiles of the candidates for election to the office of General
Nominations Arise Out of a Spirit of Unity (Report Three - High Council 2013)
31 July 2013
The candidates standing for election to the office of General are Comrs A Cox, K Hodder, J Knaggs, D Krommenhoek and B Swanson
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