Former General Honoured During International Congress Founders' Day Session
03 July 2015 | Author: Kevin Sims
Session 3 of 'Boundless 2015' showcases 'A Serving Army'
United in Love – Salvationists Urged to Build Bridges at Boundless 2015
03 July 2015
Session 2 of 'Boundless 2015' celebrated 'A Unified Army'
The Salvation Army Celebrates 150th Anniversary
02 July 2015 | Author: Kevin Sims
Founders' Day celebrations focused on London
Retired General to Write Next Volume of Official History
02 July 2015
General Shaw Clifton (Rtd) will write about Salvation Army ministry and programmes from 1995-2015
Opening Rally of 'Boundless 2015' Celebrates ‘A Joyful Army’
02 July 2015
The Salvation Army's 150th anniversary congress opened with a session featuring the General and Salvationists from around the world
'Boundless 2015' Begins!
01 July 2015
The Salvation Army's 150th anniversary international congress is under way at The O2 in London
Congress Communications Connect the World
30 June 2015
Print, web, video, live streaming and social media combine to cover every angle of Boundless - The Whole World Redeeming
Radio Interview with the General Available Online
29 June 2015
The General took part in a substantial and revealing interview for the UK's leading Christian broadcaster
Salvation Army Team in Nepal Begins Tent Distribution
23 June 2015
Two months after the 25 April earthquake that caused devastation in Nepal, The Salvation Army continues its vital response
International Groups' Version of 'O Boundless Salvation' Available Now!
18 June 2015
A new version of ‘O Boundless Salvation’, originally written in 1893 by William Booth – and known as the Founder’s Song – has been recorded
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