National Contact Persons fulfil a crucial role in the Salvation Army European Anti-Human Trafficking Network. Their role and tasks are summarized as follows.

On a national level the National Contact Person:

  • has knowledge and understanding of available services for survivors of trafficking within their country,
  • participates in (or coordinates) a network of NGOs on issues of Anti-Human Trafficking,
  • takes initiative to organize national Anti-Human Trafficking Network meetings where they are not yet existing,
  • shares resources, expertise and contacts within the Anti-Human Trafficking Network and with other relevant stakeholders,
  • raises awareness in the country on issues of anti-human traffi cking.

On a European level the National Contact Person:

  • is linked to the European Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force of The Salvation Army,
  • is a low threshold contact for other countries in carrying out reconnection and rehabilitation programmes,
  • monitors the process of repatriation and reintegration of survivors of trafficking within The Salvation Army in their country.